Hospital Electric Bed 4 Motors, Aluminum Base

CURA 5000

Hospital Electric Bed, 5 Motors

CURA 4040

Hospital Electric Bed, 4 Motors

Our company’s mission is to be instrumental in improving the standard of service to protect and assist human health. We work with great care to bring the hospital beds and hospital equipment we produce to the highest quality standard.

We closely follow the needs of our customers. Our R&D department is constantly working to provide solutions for needs. Regardless of the quantity and size of the order, we develop ourselves by giving great importance to recycling.

We care about our customers and try to give them more than what they need. We trust the quality of our products, so we give our customers the time and support they need to find what they need.


Combining its constantly innovative structure with technology, being a quality and indispensable brand in the service given to human health is one of our biggest goals.

We aim to provide quality and assurance to our customers in the long term. Valuing people, adding value to life, developing values, increasing creativity and combining quality with assurance are among the other goals we strive to achieve.


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Baspinar Mahallesi 5. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 83548 Nolu Cad. No:6, D:2, 27620 Baspinar/Gaziantep/Turkey

Schroder Health Project Introduction Video

Schroder Healthcare Inc. is the leading innovator and manufacturer of medical furniture in Turkey, with a focus on electronic beds, stretchers, delivery beds and medical carts with. With a wide product spectrum consisting of more than 300 products, the company responds to any demand of medical furniture from any segment, with a flexibility to provide caregivers and patients with products between luxury to cost effective ranges and depending on requirements that vary in accordance with the territory. In-house R&D, devotion to feedback and observation combined with responsibilities of market leader role in Turkey, Schroder sets the trend in Turkey for medical furniture with innovations that makes the company a name associated to quality.

In addition renders it possible to modify products in accordance with client demand, thanks to skillful staff and state-of-the-art machinery.

Medica 2022

Schroder, attracted great attention in Medica 2022, one of the world’s largest health fairs. We are thankfull all our visitors and partners who visited us during the fair.

Expomed 2023

We are thankful all the visitors and co-workers who visited our stand in Expomed Eurasia 2023