BLIZZ 1100

Electrical Obstetric / Delivery Bed / Gynecology table

The delivery bed BLIZZ 1100 proves itself with its spectacular appearance as well as its technical features. The bed powered by three motors provides safety, bacteriological protection and comfort during for obstetrics department. Meet with the BLIZZ 1100 improve your patients comfort, safety and satisfaction.

  • Height Adjustment Motors
  • TR/ATR Tilt Adjustment Motors
  • Backrest Adjustment Motor

Advanced hand control designed for high-end BLIZZ 1100 series hospital beds. The BLIZZ 1100 delivery bed hand control remote has up to twelve soft-touch buttons and Illuminated led indicators comes with a protection class IPX6 Washable. This control gives users optimal overview of the many adjustment options, movement patterns, and additional features, ensuring efficiency and precision when attending to patients.

Electric delivery bed BLIZZ series side rails specially and ergonomic designed with integrated with angle adjustment of the positions. The bed hosts of fold-down 2 section safety sides made up an Antimicrobial material as the mixture of PP and nanoparticles (Ag NPs) compounds. The appropriate designe increases patient mobilization and reduce the efforts of sanitarians for easy cleaning and disinfection . The design of the sections specially design for extra safety to prevent fall risk greatly attain 42 cm height above the mattress platform and a total lateral containment surface for the patient, in compliance with the standard for hospital beds CE EN 60601-2-52. Schroder Gynecology table

  • External Dimensions
  • Backrest Angle (Max.)
  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Height Range Fixed
  • Mattress Platform (ABS)
  • Side Rails Height
  • Castor Diameter
  • Safe Working Load
  • Power In
  • 215 x 107,5 cm
  • 0° – 70°
  • 17°
  • 17°
  • 52 – 85 cm
  • 195 x 86cm
  • 42 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 270 kg
  • 230V, 50HZ