CURA 5000

Hospital Electric Bed, 5 Motors

An electric hospital bed CURA 5000 column motors construction powered by 4 motors with the option of fifth motors provides patient safety , bacteriological protection and patient comfort during a hospital stay, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Unique modern designed CURA 5000 is a high quality medical bed , manufactured with the use of modern technologies and protected with several patend. It is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties makes patient care easier and provides care to a higher level. Meet with the CURA 5000 improve your patients comfort, safety and satisfaction. You may choose the correct bed for each care and medical application, patient conditions and budget.

External Dimensions221 x 107 cm
Backrest Angle (Max.)0° – 70°
Footrest Angle (Max.)0° – 40°
Height Range without Mattress52 – 90 cm
Trendelenburg Angle0° – 17°
Reverse Trendelenburg Angle0° – 17°
Tilt Adjustment0° – 16°
Mattress Platform (ABS)90 x 200 cm
Side Rails Height42 cm
Castor Diameter15 cm (Central Lockable Castor)
5th Castor15 cm
Nurse Control Panels on Siderails2 Pieces
Patient Control Panels on Siderails2 Pieces
Safe Working Load270 kg
Power In230V, 50HZ
  • Brake Release Alarm
  • Head Section Stationary
  • Intelligent Night Light
  • Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • Bed Exit Alarm
  • Paper Roll Hanger
  • Bed Extension With Linen Holder
  • Pendant
  • Bed Extension Mechanical
  • Low Height Indicator
  • Control On Flexible Arm
  • Bilateral High-Low Foot Control
  • Urinage Bag Hanger Hooks
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