LJR series Hospital Electric Bed

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information about the specific LJR series hospital electric bed to provide a detailed response. To give you a more accurate and helpful answer, I’d need some additional details, such as:

  • The specific model name or number within the LJR series: Different models within the series may have varying features and functionalities.
  • The intended use of the bed: Knowing if it’s for home care, a hospital setting, or a specific medical condition can help narrow down the relevant features.
  • Any specific features you’re interested in: Are you looking for something with a certain number of motors, specific adjustment capabilities, or any other particular functionalities?

With more information, I can provide a more comprehensive overview of the LJR series hospital electric bed, including its features, benefits, potential drawbacks, and any relevant images.

As Schroder Healthcare, our LJR series Hospital Electric Bed are as follows:

LJR 3050 Hospital Electric Bed, 3 Motors
LJR 4050 Hospital Electric Bed, 4 Motors
LJR 5000 Hospital Electric Bed, 5 Motors
LJR 4060 Hospital Electric Bed Hydraulic