Medical Equipment And Hospital Equipment

What are General Medical Products?
General medical products; It consists of things such as cabinets, armchairs, screens, IV poles and chairs. These products are needed in hospitals and nursing homes. The need for this type of general medical furniture is great because patients may change on a daily basis and these products need to be multi-purpose as well as durable and easy to clean. A hospital needs such general medical products to facilitate the work of nurses and doctors by providing patients with the most comfortable environment possible.

What is a Companion Seat?
A companion chair is a hospital furniture designed for people accompanying a patient who is hospitalized in a hospital or similar healthcare institution. These hospital products and the Birth Bed, which are produced taking into consideration the comfort and comfort of the normal patient or the companion accompanying the inpatient patient who has given birth, can be seen in many hospitals and are also one of the most needed hospital furniture.

What is a Medicine Cabinet?
medicine cabinets; It is one of the hospital equipment designed to preserve medicines and instruments used in the treatment of patients in hospitals, clinics and similar health institutions. Medicine cabinets, which are found in almost every hospital and health institution and are one of the most needed hospital equipment, are very useful both for storing medicines and tools and for maintaining order.

What is a Patient Cabinet?
Patient lockers are a type of hospital equipment used to store patients’ personal belongings and protect these items from the prying eyes of other people. Almost all belongings of the patient can be stored in these cabinets, and patients who will be discharged after treatment can easily regain the belongings they have kept in these cabinets.

What is a Hospital Screen?
Hospital screens are hospital equipment that helps doctors and healthcare professionals create a special area for the patient in treatment rooms in hospitals or similar healthcare institutions. These screens, which ensure patient privacy in the treatment room and during treatment, can be in multiple sizes depending on the size of the treatment room.

What is a Negatoscope?
Negatoscopes; X-ray etc. in hospitals. They are frequently used hospital equipment, or in other words, medical devices, designed to display images. Negatoscopes, which are designed to read X-rays and defined as radiology accessories, are very helpful in imaging many treatment results, especially x-rays.

What is an Examination Table?
Examination table; It is a small and simple piece of furniture made and used by doctors, nurses, dentists, medical practitioners and other medical practitioners to perform their medical duties. These tables are made of lightweight wood or plastic and are used during examination of patients to keep their bodies in the required position for the entire examination process. Exam tables are not limited to medical doctors but can also be used by other medical practitioners such as medical students, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, x-ray technicians, receptionists, and even teachers.

What is an IV Pole?
Serum hangers are hospital equipment designed to hold serum in hospital furniture such as hospital beds and stretchers. They can be fixed to the patient bed or stretcher, or they can be portable equipment supported by the ground. IV poles are great options for patients and hospitals who do not want complexity. It is among the most needed hospital equipment because it is easy to install, take down, store and transport.

Multifunctional Hospital Chairs modernWhat is a Hospital Stool?
Hospital stools are hospital furniture frequently used during treatment in hospitals and healthcare institutions. A hospital stool can be used by both the patient and the doctor. Hospital stools, which enable the doctor to move between the patient and the doctor’s table and the patient to move while sitting during treatment, can be with or without back support, depending on the situation.

What is a Hospital Waiting Chair?
Hospital waiting chairs or chairs; These are hospital furniture designed to allow patients waiting for treatment in hospitals and health institutions, or relatives of patients waiting for the treatment to be completed, to sit where they are. These waiting seats or chairs, which can be single, double or triple-person depending on the size of the hospital or waiting area, can also be spaced or adjacent depending on the condition of the hospital or waiting area.


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