PDB 1100

Patient bed, 2 Motorised

The PDB 1100 pediatric bed has a cheerful design developed with the inspiring imagination of children in mind. Helping to the cribrails, it ensures the safety of their children and makes it very easy to access the patient.

Unique modern designed PDB 1100 is a high quality Patient bed, fixed height and manufactured with the use of modern technologies and protected with several patend. Meet with the PDB 1100 improve your patients comfort, safety and satisfaction.

  • Backrest Adjustment Motor
  • Legrest Adjustment Motor

Advanced hand control designed for high-end PDB 1100 series hospital beds. The PDB 1100 Pediatric Patient bed hand control remote has up to twelve soft-touch buttons and Illuminated led indicators comes with a protection class IPX6 Washable. This control gives users optimal overview of the many adjustment options, movement patterns, and additional features, ensuring efficiency and precision when attending to patients.

  • External Dimensions
  • Backrest Angle (Max.)
  • Footrest Angle (Max.)
  • Height Range Fixed
  • Mattress Platform (ABS)
  • Castor Diameter
  • Safe Working Load
  • Power In
  • 188 x 85 cm
  • 0° – 70°
  • 0° – 40°
  • 60 cm
  • 171 x 71 cm
  • 12,5 cm
  • 170 kg
  • 230V, 50HZ