Scrub Sink-Single


• The washing section is made of antibacterial acrylic, and the main body is made of 304-quality stainless steel for the surgical team to disinfect their hands before operations
• Photocell display screen where the temperature and duration of the water flowing from battery is monitored
• Design with rounded concave corners, easy to clean, and which does not allow bacteria to stick, in accordance with international hygienic norms, taking into account the usage areas and user requests.
• Water flow controlled by photocell and knee panel and soap flow controlled by knee panel at each station
• Thermostatic valve that allows the water temperature to be adjusted according to the user’s request.
• Water and soap armature with a long service life, designed not to impair hand antisepsis.
• Design that prevents splashing and getting wet with its deep and inclined sink feature

Dimensions WxLxH: 700x790x660 mm