BDC 12

2 Motorlu Kan Alma Koltuğu


4 Motorlu Elektronik KBB Koltuğu


Electronic Dialysis Chair, 4 Motors


4 Motorlu Diyaliz ve Kemoterapi Koltuğu


4 Motorlu Diyaliz ve Kemoterapi Koltuğu


Electronic Pathology Chair, 4 Motors

MPC 14

4 Motorlu Kan Transfer Koltuğu

SW 14

İstiflenebilir Tekerlekli Sandalye


Electronic Practology Chair, 4 Motors


EXC 05

Pediatrik Muayene Masası

EXC 02

Çekmeceli Muayene Masası

EXC 04

Katlanabilir Muayene Masası

EXC 01

Çekmeceli ve Dolaplı Muayene Masası

EXC 03

Muayene Masası

What is a Blood Collection Chair?

Blood collection chairs are medical chairs designed to facilitate blood collection from patients in hospitals and medical institutions. A blood collection chair, which is produced to predict the posture and position of the patient during blood collection, may have many features depending on the need. The most basic categorization of blood collection chairs is as electric blood collection chairs and manual blood collection chairs. medikal koltuk 

What is a Blood Transfer Chair?

Blood transfer chairs are one of the functional medical chairs designed to provide blood transfer between the patient who donates blood and the patient who receives blood. A blood transfer chair produced to ensure perfect and fastest blood transfer can have many features depending on the need. Blood transfer chairs, which are generally electric, can also be manual or mechanical.

What is a Chemotherapy Chair?

A chemotherapy chair is a type of medical chair designed for use during chemotherapy sessions. Chemotherapy chairs, which are designed and manufactured to take into account the sensitivity and subtleties of chemotherapy treatment, greatly facilitate chemotherapy treatments for both the patient and the doctor or healthcare professional.

What is a Dialysis Chair?

Dialysis chair ( Diyaliz ve Kemoterapi Koltuğu ) is a type of medical chair that is perfect for dialysis patients. Dialysis chairs, designed and produced considering the problems and difficulties experienced by dialysis patients in the past, are lifesaving, especially for dialysis patients.

What is a Multifunctional Medical Chair?

Multifunctional medical chairs or also known as medical chairs; These are chairs designed to have features and functions suitable for a certain disease or treatment. Thanks to these medical chair types prepared for various treatments such as Diyaliz Koltuğu, chemotherapy chair, ENT (ear, nose, throat) chair, treatments can be carried out more easily and patients can also perform their treatments easily and without difficulty during their treatments.

Medical Birth chair and Birth bed

With the birth chair and birth bed , the patient’s contribution to the birth has increased significantly. Their pushing power has increased and birth has become easier. We don’t want to take all the guesswork out of having a difficult birth and having a cesarean section, we have options on the table for our patients to recover more easily after birth. They all requested us in our postnatal hospitals. The device is completely made by Turkish engineers.

Other pruduct muayene masası with Drawers and Cabinets

Gynecology Chair

Gynecology Chair , The table, which is indispensable for gynecology, medical, health and gynecology clinics, can now be personalized according to your wishes. Gynecology Tables have 3 motors and , thanks to 24V DC motors, they perform movements such as backward movement, ascent and descent electronically with manual control .

Other pruduct Pediatrik Muayene Masası