UCU 01

Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

Considering user requests, it was created for usage in the decontamination regions of hospital sterilization systems.

Models Dimensions(WXHXL) Order Code
UYT- Single Sink 600x1800x900 mm SCH148476
UYT- Double Sink 600x2700x900 mm SCH147112



  • It ismade of 34-quality stainless steel.
  • It offers both single and double sink options.
  • In the storage area of every model, there is a cabinet with two doors.
  • It is straightforward to use because the cold and hot water taps

• Ultrasonic power : 1500 W / 750 elf
• Frequency : 28 kHz
• Heating power : 1500 W
• Sink capacity : 40 Lt
• 0 – 90˚C analogue temperature adjustment
• 0 – 30 minute analogue timer

Air/Water Gun System

• In both sinks, a compressed air-water gun system is installed to provide safe decontamination of surgical instruments with lumen.

Decontamination of Lumen Instrument

• 8 different types of equipment that can adapt to all lumen equipment of different diameters used in endoscopic and open surgical procedures effective decontamination with the air-water gun head.

Single Basket & Ultrasonic Washing Technology

• Effective cleaning with ultrasonic wave technology that prevents deformation in surgical microinstruments