What are the Types of Hospital Beds?

Patient beds, which are produced in intensive care units to increase patient comfort and increase the ease of care of patients and are often called hospital beds or patient bedrooms, are called patient beds or patient beds. These products facilitate the intervention of patient relatives or healthcare personnel. Patient beds in hospitals are usually motorized.

There are side railings to prevent the patient from falling and being harmed. Thanks to these products, the lying patient can change positions more easily. Patient beds can also be used at home. In hospital use, patient beds with 3 or 4 motors are generally preferred. Patient cages used at home generally have two or two motors and are a little more affordable. Manually operated patient cages are also available. These bearings are less costly than motorized models.

Patient cages are generally divided into two groups: electric and manual. Manual products are divided into two groups: single and double adjustment. Electric patient beds have a motor system that is controlled with the help of a controller. As the number of motors increases, the performance of the bed also increases. Electric patient cages are divided into six different groups: column motor, four motor, three motor, two motor, double motor and single motor. Additionally, there are two different patient beds, with and without a bedpan, depending on need. In pottery models, there is a gap in the middle section. In this way, the patient can defecate while in bed.

Quality is the quality of the materials used in the production of patient beds. Patient beds made of strong profiles are more durable than others. In addition, the carrying capacity and quality of the wheels used for easy movement of the bed are also important. The quality of the paint on the bed and the good workmanship allow the product to be used for a longer time. While some of the patient beds are produced only from iron profiles, some are covered with antibacterial plastic. Plastic (ABS) coatings provide a better appearance than iron coatings. Choosing plastic (ABS) coatings instead of iron in home use will be positive for the psychology of the person lying in bed.


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